Monday 3 January 2011

Liz Earle Energising Body Lotion

I feel fully recharged and raring to go thanks to Liz Earles New Energising Body Lotion. Why not start a new year feeling refreshed and ready. If there's one New Years resolution to follow this year then it's to treat yourself and look after yourself!

£16.50 ( 150ml )

There's no mistaking that Liz Earle products are made with *Top Notch* ingredients, asoon as I popped the cap the aroma which evaporated from the tube was heavenly!
I have my tube by my bedside and every evening before going bed I treat myself to a little pampering. I've been applying this to my thighs and legs, my legs in particular have been very dry from the winter weather, the fact I've had my heating on almost everyday probably does'nt help. The lotion also helps improve the tone and texture of your skin whilst hydrating and soothing the skin.

The magical ingredients encapsulated within this tube are amazing and the list is endless, 8 pure essential oils such as Peppermint Oil, Sweet Orange Oil, Geranium Oil and special mention goes to Patchouli Oil which is my favourite Essential oil. The scent is truly sublime and I can really detect this within the lotion which is a bonus for me.

The consistency is just right, at first I must be honest and thought that a lotion wont help my dry skin, I tend to have negative feelings towards body lotions and think why bother a cream is much better. However I've been so wrong in this instance and am truly amazed at how moisturising this lotion is. A nice creamy texture which sinks into the skin effortlessly and leaves the skin silky smooth.

Energising Body Lotion gets the big thumbs up from me!

Thanks for stopping by :) Have you tried this? What's your favourite Essential Oil?


  1. Hey this sounds like a great one!! Nice review:))
    Great blog too....I'm following you....follow back??

  2. Thanks for the follow :) The Lotion is VERY good defo recommend x

  3. Thanks for commenting...Unfortunately I can't see you in my followers. Check it out:)

  4. I'm becoming a Liz Earle Convert - will defo check this out (once I've got through my moisturiser mountain that is)!!!! xx

  5. I was recently sent this product from Liz Earle to review, I have been using it for 3 days now, and so far so good :) Great review.

  6. Lovely review! I actually got a mini bottle of this free with a Liz Earle order and I absolutely loved it. So much so that I ordered a full size bottle on the same day. I'm waaay to lazy to bother applying lotions or creams to my body every day but if I have some spare time or if my skin isn't looking/feeling its best I always opt for this :)

  7. @TheBristolBeautyBlog This is fab you defo need to try it :) x

    @EllybellybaybeesBeautyBlog What do you think of the scent? I love it :) x

    @All Made up I use to be the same with applying lotions and potions and would forget or couldn't be bothered but since having it by my bedside I honestly put it on every night :) x

    Thanks for your comments :) x

  8. Great post. Can't wait to try mine! xx


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