Tuesday 28 December 2010

Party Nails

Morning my sweeties, I wanted to share with you my latest Nail look which I created last night. I saw how to create this look over at Fees lovely blog Makeup Savvy.

With New Years just around the corner I got thinking about nail colours and different looks and came up with this...

So how did I do it? Well for this look you will need, a basecoat ( optional ), a nail polish colour of your choice, a loose eyeshadow powder, a top coat and a teaspoon.

Step 1.

Apply your base coat, one coat is fine.

Step 2.

Apply 2 coats of your chosen nail colour and then follow the next step STRAIGHT away!

Step 3.

Ok this is probably the most fiddly stage but it's simple, I promise!
Using the end of your teaspoon ( handle end ) scoop a small amount of loose eyeshadow on the tip and then place on your nail cuticle.

Don't worry if it goes everywhere because this look is not meant to be perfect.
I tend to gentle tap the dust onto the corner of the cuticle so that when I blow the dust, it falls at an angle. Check out the thumb photo so you know what I'm babbling on about.

So once your dust is placed where you want it blow the dust over your fingernail. You need to do this quite quickly after your 2nd coat of polish so that the dust has something to stick to.
As you can see from the photo my dust didn't land exactly where I wanted but that doesn't matter it all adds to the effect.

This is what I mean when I mentioned I like the dust in the corner and then blown out, that way you can still see the colour polish underneath.

Step 4.

Align Left
Ok this is the last step, see I told you it was easy!
You just need to apply a top coat now to seal the powder effect. I waited roughly a minute and then used my Maybelline Flash Cosmic which is beautiful. A clear polish with flecks of blue irridescent glitter. If you have a similar polish then use this for an added effect. I thought with the Cobalt Blue polish the flecks would really stand out.

*Click on photo for better look*
In this pic I applied the topcoat JUST on the top nail so you could see the difference it makes.

Once your topcoat is dry you can then clean your cuticles, I wouldn't be hasty I would try and wait a while and then run your fingers under cold water and the dust will come away from your cuticles.

So there you go my cherubs I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and remember theres no right or wrong, you pick the colours. Have a play you'll be addicted, I have also done matching tootsies.

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Thanks for the lovely mention!
    Your nails look lovely....love seeing different nail colour combinations, actually wore bronze eye dust over dark grey the other day!

    Also thanks for photographing using the end of a spoon to scoop it up...as I never took a pic of that!

    Fee xx

  2. Lovely blog!


  3. Thanks ladies, this is very simple to create and the colour combos are endless! xx

  4. I tried to do this the other day, very unsuccessfully! Must give it another go when I have more time xx

  5. I love this idea! I need to do something to make my horrid nails look more appealing and I have become a bit bored with the single nail colour! Must have a go soon!
    Your blog is looking lush hun, congratulations :-)
    Jen xx

  6. @karla- You must, you'll get addicted I'm already thinking of a next colour combo!x

    @Jenny-Thanks been working hard to keep posts interesting :) x

  7. Wow this is such an incredible idea! Will deffo be trying this, thanks hun! I think I'll attempt it in the bathroom tho...lol! Can imagine the state my room would be in after I give this a go...;) Am so glad I've found your blog hun, its great! :)

    Aysh xoxo


  8. @Aysh, you'll have fun it's like being a kid again! Thanks for the lovely comment xx

  9. Ahhh that is so cool! I never would of thought that! I have lots of loose shadows that aren't getting any love so I'll be trying this for sure!


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