Sunday 5 December 2010

Nars Eyeshadows

Well after a recent family weekend away I popped into Cheltenhams Space NK which I have to say is rather small but non the less it still had what I was after.

Still love Nars packaging the mirror inside is so handy! They are generous sized eyeshadows and I should hope so for £16 each! Lucky for me my hubby treated me and bought them both.

I have lusted after Nars Mekong ever since I saw this swatched on the fabulous blog Just a Bowl of Mouldy Fruit. This is a beautiful shadow and Nars describe this so well, 'Espresso infused with gold'.


This is my second Nepal shadow, I first tried this colour years ago and loved it. So when I was in Space Nk I had to pick up another one as my orignal one is nearly all gone so now I have a back up. Nars desrcibe this shadow as a 'Rose with shimmer'


Now for some swatches...

I'm going to create a look using both of these together and will post that this week so please pop back :)

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Nepal seems gorgeous! I wana see how it looks on you :)

  2. I want them both!!So pretty colours for a bronze look!!!

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  4. Nepal is BEAUTIFUL!

    Now I see what people mean when they say that the elf studio shadows and blushes look so much like NARS - package wise, that is. Anyway, I really wanna try out NARS, but as anything else of decent quality.. it's not available in Denmark -__-"

  5. I love love love Mekong but think I'll get it in the Only You palette that Nars have at the moment (when I've saved my pennies for a while that is). Nars have such beautiful and classic packaging too. x


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