Wednesday 8 December 2010

Nars Eyeshadow look & FOTD

As promised here is my FOTD using my 2 new Nars eyeshadows Nepal & Mekong and some other products which I'm loving right now.

Here is Nepal over the lid and blended softly into the crease.

Then I blended Mekong softly in the outer corner and blended softly into the socket. This shadow as you can tell is dark so you have to be super careful with the fall out, I just tapped my brush to help any loose shadow come away. You can always place a tissue under your eye and apply the shadow carefully that way.

I then used a matte white eyeshadow from my NYX palette under the brow, followed with No7s metallic eye pencil in Camaflogue along the top lashes and lower lashes. I tend to smudge this a little to create a smokey eye. I also used another of No7s metallic eye pencils in Gold and used this softly around the tear duct.

I love using these eyeliners and picked these up when they had their last £5 voucher, I already have my eye on their Blue and Green pencils! Mind you if santa is good to me he may bring me a couple pearlglides from the Tartan Tale collection ( Lord it up & Undercurrent ) *fingers crossed hey?*

Sorry for the sideways pic, I'm having trouble with moving them around at the recently! Grr

The last stage was applying my mascara which I put in my November favourites and will defo buy this when I run out. Rimmels Lash accelerator, I took a pic showing you how good this is.

And then heres a couple snap shots of the finished look I'm wearing Macs Springsheen on my cheeks and Avons new Pout lippie and No7 Nude lip liner.

Avons lipstick in Pout is so soft and creamy and such a pretty colour! Will do a post about this soon and a couple Nailwear polishes I recently ordered.

So there you go hope you like this and just wanted to share with you some pics of the hats and my New York necklace.

I have been wearing them both to be honest and love the fact my head is warm now!

Lastly my new fav necklace...

In my last post Molly wanted to say hi and so today I thought it only fair my other pussy cat Maisy says hi! She was in a bit of a daze as she was just having a cat nap. Don't you think Cats have it easy?

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  1. I love how you did your eyes here hun!

  2. Great look. I really like step by step tutorials like this. I have a couple of NARS eyeshadow duos but I always forget to use them. Need to crack them out.

  3. You look beautiful and i love those hats they are so cute xx

  4. Thanks ladies :)
    Your comments always means alot xx


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