Friday 1 October 2010

Michael Kors - Rose Gold

Hello one and all, as I type this post the rain is pouring down outside and I'm sat here with a lovely mug of cappucino clutched around my palms made by my new machine!! yummmm.

Anyways I have something which brightens up my dreary day and wanted to share with you my new love of my life (apart from my gorgeous hubby and 2 beautiful children of course! ) my new Michael Kors watch.

A little while ago I did a post saying I have lusted over one of his watches for a couple years now and finally last night my dream came true! Thanks to HOF spectacular day! 20% off!!

Meet Michael Kors Rose Golden Chronograph Watch.

From a young age I have always been attracted to the colour Rose gold, I'm not entirely sure why but I think for me it screams unusual, special and expensive which to be honest the later is normally the case.

I did originally want the popular White & Gold ceramic style which they stocked however when I tried it I thought lots of people have it and you see it everywhere now. I wanted something different and special to me, so asoon as I saw this watch I fell in love. It was a toss up between this and the Mother of pearl face which was has a plain clock face no subdials. Both gorgeous in their own ways and if money was not an option I would have both...maybe in another 2 years?
But for me this one once on the wrist looked brighter and clearer, probably because of the white face.

I love the special touches these watches have, the MK name on the clasp and also on the rivets and crown you see the MK initials.

And here he is worn pride of place on my wrist..

Thanks for stopping by :) Do you own a very special piece of jewellery/watch?


  1. Wow he's beautiful, and a perfect size for your wrist too!

  2. Thank you :) I can't stop looking and checking the time ha ha! x

  3. This looks so gorgeous, i think its brilliant when you have lusted after something for ages and then eventually get it. I have a DKNY watch that my husband chose for me on our aniversery, it makes it special as i was not expecting it xx

  4. Sherrie that watch is stunning. Really love wearing oversized watches :) xxx
    Oh and my special piece, is my gucci watch which my parents got me for my 18th. However I wouldn't mind a Rolex, just need to find someone to buy me one lol xxx

  5. I've been wanting this since ages! Micheal Kors have this new purple one out and I am lusting over that now hehe. I just love this brand!

  6. Is it pink a little? I can't decide between rose gold and regular gold one..


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