Tuesday 5 October 2010

I`m dreaming of a white christmas...

Hello peeps!
Its not long till christmas now and felt It was time to do a post! Well its 12 weeks left to christmas, does that scare you? Are you organised? Are you an early buyer or a last minute dash to the shops buyer??
Me... personally I'm an early buyer, ok sit down as this may be a bit tooo organised for your liking but I started in May this year.
I buy throughout the year as and when I see items and always look out for offers and discounts.

The reason I got thinking about christmas was because I came across this lovely blogger who is offering a touch of christmas spirit herself. The Life Of A Shopping Addict is offering a 12 weekly giveaway. So bascially in a nutshell starting from this week for the next 12 weeks up untill christmas she is going to be setting Challenges each week and one lucky person wins a Suprise!! Hands up who likes suprises! Exactly I thought you'd all have your hands up ( maybe both ha ha! ) So pop over and check it out for more details.

What do I love about christmas? well its easy for me my birthday is the 21st December so I'm a proper crimbo baby. My husbands birthday is the 10th December and so you can say December is a very good month for us!
From a very young age I have loved and felt that special excitement that christmas brings and when I'm in a shop and I start to see the cards being put out and the wrapping paper on display I get all excited like a child! Christmas is on its way!!!
Also having a 3yr old son and now a beautiful 4 month old baby girl christmas for us has become even more special and this year will be my daughthers first christmas :)

What do you love about christmas?


  1. God... only 12 weeks away! I love Christmas too, for my boys. Can't say I love the stress of it all though ha.

    I didn't know you had 2 children, only thought you had a baby girl. Awww you little boy is at the perfect age now too,to understand it all.


  2. I love seeing all our family members at Christmas - and seeing them opening gifts I have taken the time to select especially for them is an awesome feeling.

    I tend to start around September time for Christmas pressies, and this year I am hoping to make some for family too!

  3. I love Christmas, and I'm quite organised about it all. I have spreadsheets for presents and cards! So I know what I have given people the year before! I buy a lot of pressies at the Boots advantage points nights (I think they start at the end of October), and split my buying so I can get the maximum points from each night. xx


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