Friday 22 October 2010

FYF Flawless you Forever

I have been reading and seeing more and more about a relatively new make-up brand FYF, which stands for Flawless You Forever.

The one product in particular that got me excited, was their 3D Floral Blush. Lucky for me I was kindly sent five products one of which was their Floral Blush in 'Autumn'.
I wanted to show you the packaging as I thought it was sweet, different from anything I have seen before.
All five of the products where spot on for me, they are all colours/shades which I use.

Floral Blush 'Autumn' is certainly one of my favourites, the colour pay off is amazing. The blush is very pigmented and a little goes along long way! So be careful, I used my big face brush and tapped the brush onto the beautiful 3D flower and then buffed the colour into my face.

I was given an instant glow perfect for the winter months. If you can't be bothered with self-tan but still want that healthy glow then you NEED one of these! I have also been using this as my contour because the colour is buildable and works so well for my skin tone.

The price is really good £12/$19 If you haven't tried this then I strongly suggest you pop over to their web site and have a look at this is amazing compact. I would love to try 'Romance' next.

The next product which was exciting to try was one of their Lipsticks, after opening the floral blush I must admit this was the next box I opened, and was happy the colour was me.

The Lipstick is from their 'Dew Drop' range which contains Vitamin E and claims to be long lasting and moisturising. Well I have to agree with them, the lipstick glides onto the lips and looks great. The colour I was sent was 'Coy' which I would describe as a creamy pink nude.
They have a great selection of other colours in the range, the colours which entice me are 'Naked' and 'Mandarin.

Again the price isn't too bad and because this has become a lipstick I reach for daily I would invest in the £9/$14.

Whilst we are on the subject of lips, this leads me onto the following product which is a lip gloss from their 'Vita Glow' range. Another lip product containing Vitamin E, this is very easy on the lips and the colour is good too. As you can see from the swatch below this lip gloss can be worn on its own or over the top of a lipstick to give it that pout you want! The only downside for me and it's only a teeny weeny one because this is another fav of mine, is the smell. It reminds me of crayons. However once the lip gloss is on the lips the smell does not linger. I now dab the lipgloss onto the middle of my lips and blend in.

I'm wearing 'Coy' underneath, doesn't it give such a lovely sheen?

The price is good at £9 /$14 they have a good selection of colours and already I'm lusting after 'Cotton Candy' & 'Plush'. They also have another lip gloss range called 'Mint Glow' and guess what ingredient is found in this lip gloss?? There's a clue in the name... yep MINT!! I know I wouldn't like this one because I'm not a fan of mint, but if you are then check out the colours.

Ok this next product has become a staple in my everyday makeup routine. I never thought the day would come when I get excited over a concealer! Sad I know but If you know me and follow my blog then you'll know how much my dark circles bother me. Well thanks to FYF for sending me their Liquid Concealer in the shade 'Light' which is perfect for my skin tone.

At first when I saw the consistency I was a little unsure but asoon as I played around with it I soon forgot about that and was very impressed with the texture and ease of applying this. The coverage is amazing and you can see this by checking out the photos at the end of this post showing you all of the products used.

I'm so happy to have this in my makeup bag it makes such a difference to my eyes and for the price, well I would pay double for this. It only costs £10/$15. If you don't like a full coverage concealer then this is not for you. Where as if your a mummy like me and need a helping hand in the morning then this is your magic wand!

Last but not least is an Eye Pencil in the colour 'Brown Beauty', this is a nice pencil and claims to be smudge proof which I have to differ with. When I was applying my mascara I did get a little on my lid and wiped the mascara off aswell as smudging my eyeliner!

I must say though it does have staying power it has lasted all day on my eyes and looks just as good as it did this morning 7am as it does now 10pm so this would be great for evenings out.

Apart from that there isn't anything special about the pencil, but to be honest pencils don't excite me unlike the previous products mentioned above which I would all purchase myself. The price is a reasonable £8/$12

Here are some pics showing you all of the products used, I've enjoyed using them all week.
First photo I'm wearing 'Coy' lipstick on its own, second photo I'm wearing the lip gloss 'Natural Gold' over the top.

Have you heard of FYF? What would you like to try?

Thanks for stopping by :)

These products were sent to me by PR which in no way effects my opinion and is an honest review based on my personal experience. I was NOT paid for this review.


  1. I have never heard of FYF or seen them anywhere?

    Where can you buy it?

    Would love to try that blusher, wow!

    And the lipstick looks so lovely, as does the concealer.

    You look lovely in the finished pictures, really nice, flawless and natural!

  2. The floral blush is amazingly pretty! I want!
    & I wouldn't mind the lipstick either ;)

  3. I saw these on another blog recently too but its nice to see an actual review. I'm still not convinced they are worth the money- i'd be interested to know how u continue to get on with them.

    the compact does look pretty!!!

  4. @ Cheeky Beauty you can buy on their website hun they deliver worldwide. Not sure if they are stocked in the UK? :)

    Thanks ladies for your comments xx

  5. What a lovely pic of you. Lippies look nice too ;O)

  6. I have recently tried FYF ,after seeing a you tube video , I am based in London and the products reached me quickly. Free delivery and am loving my autumn blush and my Naked lipstick .....highly recommend. I bought them on their website-

  7. Wow!!!You look so gorgeous hun!!And love the colour of the lipstick!all of them seem to be so pigmented!Too bad we dont have them here!!!!


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