Thursday 14 October 2010

Barbara Daly Long Lash Mascara review

I'm sure lot's of you knew about 'Tesco-Your Beauty' free gifts. Well I recieved mine after a few weeks and was sent the Barbara Daly Long Lash Mascara in Brown, and this is how I got on.

The packaging is plain and simple which is fine as it's what's inside that counts in my opinion!

The brush was ok, nothing special and helped coat each lash individually but there was no 'umph' so to speak. I like a brush which coats my lashes but also lifts and volumizes them. The formulation was disappointing I felt there was hardly any product on the wand and had to keep popping the wand back in to get more product on the brush. I also had to keep applying coat after coat, to see any of the product on my lashes. After 5 coats my lashes started to look like they had mascara on but compared to my beloved Clinique High Impact curling mascara this didn't come close. This mascara creates a very natural lash, so if this is all you want then this is fine but if you like volume and fullness then this is a no no.

I just wanted to show you the comparison of the colour against a black mascara, Clinigue High Impacts Curling mascara on the left and Barbara Daly mascara on the right.

Now onto my snap shots showing you the mascara in action. Here's a close up and then below a full face so you can see how natural it is on the face and eyes.

Please bare in mind this took numerous coats and time and effort to actually look like I had mascara on! Maybe because I'm use to black this wasn't for me?

What do you think? Have you tried this mascara what did you think?

Compared to my trusty Clinique High Impact curling mascara this is what I'm use to

Have you tried Clinques High Impact curling mascara? If not I seriously recommend you do, BUT the only small niggle which I have about it, is the removal of this mascara is a bit annoying! But for me it's sooo worth it!

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  1. Hello! I got the Barbara Daly mascara in black and it's a no-no. I can barely tell it's there. What is more, it takes it a lot of time to dry and I end up smudging my makeup when I wink.
    I wrote a review on this product on my blog and I also have some pictures, so if you are interested stop by :)
    Thank you! :P

  2. I got a barbara daly one too but havent tried it out yet!
    Havent tried the clinique mascara but it looks impressive!benefit bad gal is my HG mascara :)

  3. I love this mascara!
    Perfect natural, fluttery lashes:)

  4. I usually use KIKO products, and its mascara is just great!!

  5. The barbara daly one looks nice on you but I LOVE how the clinique just glams up your lashes :)


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