Wednesday 1 September 2010

How lucky am I ??

I headed into town yesterday morning, first thing might I add!! With baby in sling I was on a mission to my local Boots. In search of the Urban Decay Palette!!! Otherly known as the NAKED palette!!!!! Think you may of heard of it? ha ha :) Well I was successful.............

I was sheepishly waiting by the counter, as I couldnt see it anywhere on the stand :( and the sales assistant was busy with another lady for what seemed like eternity (rolling eyes) so I went off and got the other bits I wanted. Then headed straight back over once she was there and asked her if they had any Naked palettes, luckily she said 'Yes' we have one left!!!!!!!!!! I literally had to refrain from snatching it off her. She asked if I wanted to see it but of course thanks to all your lovely reviews & swatches I didnt need to!

Heres a snap of the other goodies I got....

I read a review ages ago about White Glo in a Candis mag. I knew after reading it I was interested to give it a go so I ripped out the page, folded it up and popped it into my wallet. I kept seeing it and tried to remember to pick it up but kept forgetting. Dont you just hate it when that happens?? Anyway I remembered to investigate yesterday whilst in Boots and picked it up for a great price I thought at £3.99. Im going to start using this tonight and will take snap shoots before and after once its all used up.

This is what I read
Developed in Australia for use by actors and models, White Glo toothpaste uses micro-polishing particles to lift tooth discolouration and stains.
Packs come with an anti-stain toothbrush with 38% more bristles than an ordinary brush.

Next stop was the No7 counter where I had another voucher (3rd voucher!) and picked this up for my hubby. He`s currently using an Avon one but is almost at the end and thought this one was worth a go and especially for the price of £ 2.75 I bought everything at the same time so I got another £5 voucher!! ha ha thats my 4th voucher now! I think its a sin if you dont use them up though!! What have you spent your vouchers on??

Lastly this was a freebie!!! After spending all that I bumped up my reward points and decided to finally get the talked about Botanics Eye-Makeup remover!! I redeemed some points so it was free, even better!!

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Yay! you got one! I had no idea they were even out in Boots yet, shows what I know haha. Have fun playing with it hunny.


  2. Thats great i just got an e mail from debenhams to say they are in stock and have saved me 1 yay.
    The tooth whitener looks interesting, i would love to see a before and after and what a great price x

  3. You're so lucky you were able to get your hands on the Naked palette. I've been trying for months now and still no luck : (


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