Saturday 4 September 2010

Goodies Galore!!!!!!!!!

Seriously I have had the post ever this week!!!
Here is a snap shot of my goodies minus the parcel I recieved this morning.

First up I recieved my prize from the lovely Jo I`m sure your all following her but incase your not then check out her blog its full of great beauty advice and reviews :)

I won the Sanctuary Youth Boosting Facial in-a-box, I have tried a few of their body products but not any facial ones so Im really looking forward to trying this.

Contents are as follows: Time Reversal Face Mask, Warming micro brasion polish, Lift & Brighten eye complex, Firming youth serum and lastly Stop the clock moisturiser SPF15.

I like the pull out Step by step guide which helps explain the products and the order to use them in incase anyone was unsure or if you've never used anything like this before.

Second prize I won was the Sleek 'Get it first comp' I was really hoping to win one of their pro-brush kit but wasnt quick enough :( BUT didnt come away empty handed.
I recieved their contour kit & contour brush :) which is still fabulous!! Im in desperate need of some nice brushes...maybe next time they do a comp I may win their brush set. Really looking forward to playing about with this brush and the contour compact.

Third time lucky you might say I won the Candy Nails competition and was able to pick a Jessica Nails nail varnish which I just recently did a review on. I picked Sweet Tooth which is a lushious Plumy pink cream colour.

Then I was the luckily picked by Soap & Glory for their 2 minute rinse and recieved this lovely packaged/presented goody box :) going to do a review on these products as I know they are great as previously purchased so was very happy to recieve back ups!

The box had S&G stickers on and as you can see from the photos inside had tissue paper and shredded pink paper which is sooooo cute!! I love how they go the extra mile and make it more special. Thank you S&G x

I know this next one isnt beauty related but got this for my baby girl off Ebay, won it for £1.70! Its so bright and stimulating for her she`s going to love it.

Lastly I recieved my Glamour subscription free gift after a little wait, I must admit I was starting to panic they had none left and therefore I would go without. But after speaking on the phone to a very friendly man I was reassured it was on its way. Well 2 days later it arrived.

And if all that wasnt enough to top the past couple weeks off I finally got lucky with H&Ms giftcard giveaway!! Last day of comp I won :) WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! shopping spree here i come.

I will be doing reviews on the products mentioned and will include swatches, so pop back soon :)
Have you been lucky lately??

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. you racked up this week! looking forward to the divine review.

  2. Ah you lucky thing!
    Congrats on all of them :)

  3. Yep I sure was lucky!! check back soon for reviews :)x

  4. wow been a great week for you! Great prizes there girl! xx


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