Wednesday 25 August 2010

Who`s the fairest of them all?

Look what the postie brought me yesterday!!! I didnt get this till later on in the afternoon because I was out all day.
I have been longing for this lipstick for months now since I read about it on numerous beauty blogs, I had to have one lol.
I searched everywhere as this particular colour is not available here in the UK :( dont you just hate it when that happens!!!
Eventually I found an Ebay seller with 2 for $7.95 (£5.14) what a bargain!! Thats for 2 of the beauties!! International postage was $6.95 so all in I only paid £ 9.64.

Well I have to say Im soooo happy and impressed with the colour and the staying power of this lipstick, I`m glad I got 2!!

It`s perfect with my skintone, a nice soft pinky nude :)

Heres a close up with flash!

Has anyone else tried this Lipstick?? If not YOU really should :)

Thanks for stopping by :)

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