Sunday 22 August 2010

Nailene Nails

I finally got round to using my Nailene Nails and I have to say I LOVE them :) you should check out their blog here :)

Ok heres my snaps to show you how I got on..

First off these are the Nails I used...

Here is everything I used for prepping & applying the nails :)

There is easy to follow instructions on the back of the box ;) and here is a close up of the quality and the colour of the nails they are soooo nice and the photos dont do them justice
In the box you get your nails, a small emery board , pink nail glue & orange stick :) Ok so heres before- my natural nails

And then taaaaa daaaaa....

Dont they look lovely!!! they feel lovely aswell.. a plessure to wear them, i cant stop looking at my hands lol :)

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