Saturday 14 August 2010

Dr . Hauschka

After reading and watching various reviews about Dr Hausaka skincare, I was intrigued to test out their products. They have always interested me, I love the simplicity of their products and the ingredients that they use. I also like their Press and Roll technique, you can see a demo of this here

After recieving their catalogue I was itching to try them out, I was very happy to read on the cover letter enclosed a special offer!!!
We all love special offers... especially my bank card lol ;)
They were offering as a first time customer a Daily Face Care kit for £7 inc FREE p&p !!!! This normally retails at £15.75 so I rang up straight away to order my kit.

It arrived within a few days and this is it...................

I recieved the Normal/Dry/Sensitive kit after speaking to the skin care consultant over the phone. She asked me a few questions and then recommended this kit. She was friendly and very helpful, I also had a code for a FREE Bath Oil which was all gone but she was lovely and said she would pop in a FREE Body Oil :)

The Sizes arent bad and intially i thought the were on the small size for the moisturisers, which ok you dont need alot but i like to have enough of the product on my skin to at least feel like my skin has got enough, if that makes sense? lol :)

The tin is ideal for holidays and travel, enclosed is a small booklet which explains about the kit and how and when to use the products. I must admit this is interesting to read and Im looking forward to using them and will do an updated review after a couple weeks.

How long to do you test a skincare product? I normally say 2wks is fine for me to see how my skin has reacted and if im starting to see a difference.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Sher :)

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